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Dash Hair & Company, LLC is a fast-growing hair salon in the Grayson area serving locals with superior scissor skills and unrivaled customer service. Our creative stylists leverage ten years of industry experience to perfect your look and pamper your locks.

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Natural Hair Care Salon

Our passion is natural hair. Whatever your preferred look—weaves, braids, dreadlocks, extensions—our stylists will bring that dream ‘do to life. Fully committed to making beauty and confidence a service, our hairdressers boast a winning combination of practice and raw talent. We’re certified professionals with thousands of hours of education, training, and hands-on experience on our resumes. We put every one of those hours to work for every client that walks through our doors. After a luxurious and positive salon experience, we send them back out into the world with head-turning hair they love, every time. Check out our gallery to see some of our hair handiwork.

Dash Hair & Company, LLC: where hair care and client care go hand in hand.

Premium Natural Hair Care Products

We’re specialists in natural hair care, so it only makes sense that we line our shelves with natural shampoos, conditioners, and colors. Our staff is extremely selective about the products we use. We handpick every bottle and tailor our choices to accommodate the unique characteristics and tendencies of each client’s hair. We’re pleased to announce many partnerships with leading hair care brands.

Full-Service Hair Salon

Our dynamic stylists perform all kinds of haircuts and treatments to keep your style looking fresh. From stand-out braids to look-at-me color, we have the skills you need to fall in love with your locks.

A small sample of our sought-after services includes:

  • Locks and extensions
  • Sisterlocks
  • Highlights
  • Weave/extension services
  • Braids services

For a high-end salon, we don’t charge high-end rates. We believe a true-to-you hairstyle should be accessible to everyone. You can see a complete list of our featured services and their prices here.

Personalized Natural Hairstyling Consultations

What sets our salon apart is that we understand your hair appointment is all about you. It’s your cut. It’s your treatment. Your visit to the hairdresser should revolve around your wishes, and the results should reflect them to a tee. Part of our commitment to client-focused hair care involves a personalized styling consultation. We’ll take the time to ensure we’re 100% on the same page before we get started. You can count on our professionals to listen attentively to your past experiences as well as your future goals. We have an uncanny ability to pinpoint our clients’ desired aesthetic and make it happen with flare, fun, and all for a fair price, too.

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Dash Hair & Company, LLC is a forward-thinking, industry-leading team of accomplished hairstylists. Our beauty salon has earned a reputation for using the latest techniques and trends alongside top-tier, quality hair care products. Our clients become lifelong patrons thanks to our superior customer service, reasonable prices, and, of course, our fantastic cuts.

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